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  • - Creation of the design and visualization of the fence in the color of your choice
    - familiarization with the approximate costs of planned investments
    - will tell you where and how to buy a fence

    The Konekt fence configurator is an intuitive, professional and transparent tool that will simplify and facilitate the process of building the fence of your dreams.

    Note: The tool is designed for desktop and laptop computers.



Trinkelės MODERNE

Pamatų – klojinių blokeliai


HAUS Pamatų – klojinių blokeliai


Collection BOKA

The BOKA collection is designed for customers who appreciate smooth and uniform... 

Collection MILD

Konekt Mild is a line of fence elements, which perfectly matches the... 

Trinkelės MODERNE

Pabrėš kiekvieno kiemo individualumą Trinkelės MODERNE – puikus sprendimas ieškantiems patvaraus, estetiško... 

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  • Painted in mass

    Mass dyeing is a process that provides a uniform color across the entire cross-section of an item. When using colored concrete, there is no risk that the surface of the concrete will be scratched and thus damaged or discolored.

    - Unique aesthetics of the product
    - Uniform color accuracy
    - Simplicity of fence design

  • Hydrophobized

    Hydrophobization is a method of concrete protection, during which surfaces are given water-resistant properties. Concrete is protected from various types of corrosion that affect it in the environment, and effective hydrophobization ensures its long-term operation.

    - Additional security
    - Long-term use
    - Unquestionable quality

  • Weather resistant

    The technology implemented and used in the production processes of the Konekt Fence System elements means that the products leaving our production line are already equipped with additional protection against various weather conditions.

    - Use of high technology
    - Secured investment
    - Application of modern solutions

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  • High technology

    Konekt Group's factory is a new, modernist factory that allows efficient and accurate production of fence bricks. Our factory, located in the heart of Palenque Voivodeship, is one of the few in the country with such a high technological potential.

  • Quality guarantee

    We use only the highest quality raw materials for the production of our products. Every product that leaves the production line is durable and safe.

  • Efficient logistics

    Logistics is planning, implementation and control, which have been the priorities of the Konekt group since the beginning of our activities. Effective and efficiently organized logistics procedures allow us to deliver products on time.

  • Dedicated team

    Competent and well-coordinated Tvora Konekt employees are people with undoubted experience and skills that allow us to become a better and more conscious company.