Collection: Collection BOKA

The BOKA collection is designed for customers who appreciate smooth and uniform surfaces.

The versatility of the collection allows you to find yourself in both traditional and modernist styles. The modular fence system, consisting of fence blocks from the BOKA line, is primarily aesthetic and blends in with other elements of the surrounding architecture. Properly matched technology means that the elements in the Konekt BOKA fence system create an ideal surface, which effectively fences the area, and the variety of colors makes it much easier to match the fence to the building.
  • Quality

    - Reliable technology
    - Painted in mass
    - Hydrophobized
    - Top class raw materials
    - Resistant to weather conditions
    - Modern production

  • Color palette

    - Intense Rød
    - Ageless Brun
    - Ambiguous Sterk
    - Modern Mørk
    - Interesting Grå
    - Unique Sølv
    - Bright Hvit

  • Functionality

    - Ensures privacy
    - "business card" of the house
    - An important design element
    - A subtle addition to the building
    - Territorial separation

Elements of the Konekt Boka fence system

  • Curtain

    Tag: DSP-B


    Dimensions (mm): 500/280/50

  • Curtain

    Tag: DPC-B


    Dimensions (mm): 500/200/50

  • Curtain

    Brand: DSK-B


    Dimensions (mm): 360/360/50

  • Pole/wall block

    Brand: SP-B


    Dimensions (mm): 500/280/200

  • Wall block

    Brand: PC-B


    Dimensions (mm): 500/200/200

  • Pillar block

    Brand: SK-B


    Dimensions (mm): 360/360/200

  • Foundation block (does not apply to colors Mørk, Sølv, Hvit)

    Tag: PP-B *item on individual order


    Dimensions (mm): 250/200/200


Konekt Boka fence system color range

  • STÅL is one of the offers in our gray color catalog. This time there is an unmistakable combination of related hues that essentially create a subtle, sophisticated fence system. As always, the selection of the highest quality raw materials allows us to produce not only efficient, but also solid and precise elements.

  • KAFFE is a perfectly balanced shade of brown and beige. Thanks to the perfectly coordinated color proportions, Kaffe will look like two different fences depending on the lighting. The KAFFE color is present in every element of the Konekt fence system, as well as in the PP-B detail, which allows the fence to be built on a passing loop as well.

  • GRÅ is primarily an original shade of gray that combines with each other to create a creative and eye-catching composition. The impressive design of the fence in GRÅ will give the environment an individual and unique charm and will surely be appreciated by many modernist art enthusiasts.

  • BRUN is a subtle and casual color combination, which is a response to the expectations of customers who appreciate effective melanges, to keep calm and classic colors. BRUN is naturalness and subtlety that will not only fit in a modern environment.

  • STERK is an abundance of colors, multithreaded threads and an original appearance that will add charm to any environment. This color will create a wonderful atmosphere and a visually interesting effect. Perfect for both low and high fences. This color is perfect for modern architecture

  • The fence system made of MØRK color elements is a solution for customers who appreciate "strong" and refined colors. MØRK is a perfect color for both modern and classic construction.

  • RØD color goes hand in hand with art, creating a unique and unusual environment. Soft lines and color saturation will emphasize the character of the space. The RØD colored fence system will become the showcase of the house thanks to the unique aesthetics of the elements.

  • "Cool elegance" - impressive SØLV colors are perfect for both commercial and individual constructions. In both cases, it will be a stylish decoration of any environment and will combine a simple, minimalist aesthetic with the functionality of a durable and solid Konekt fence.

  • HVIT - a bright, bright block with a bright and smooth structure. The introduction of HVIT color to our range is in response to inquiries about the construction of very bright and monochrome fences.