We know that the customer deserves the best!

"Tvora Konekt" is a company with many years of experience in the construction industry. We took the first steps 20 years ago - all this so that in 2020 we can inform you that we have made a strong effort during this period and are entering with new energy and another product in our portfolio. "Konekt " fence systems are the second pillar of our production activity after chimney systems. Made in one of the most modern factories in Poland - not all European companies can boast the quality of our product

Why should you trust us?

All our actions are based on the belief that quality is paramount

Every product that leaves the production line is designed to meet the needs of our customers. We are well aware of the main factors when choosing a fence and we design our products accordingly. Many years of experience in the construction industry allowed us to know the market from scratch. Now, as a company confident in our strengths, we have a vision to be available throughout Europe. We aim for Konekt fences to be the first choice products in their category.

Group Konekt is primarily ambitious and energetic people

Our engine is working together and strengthening the company's foundations. All this forces us to face new challenges every day, which we bravely solve together. Our innovative manufacturing capabilities allow us to continuously improve. The year 2021 will be a year of further changes and improvement for us, both in the field of technology and production solutions, as well as in the improvement of employee training and competences and the development of the assortment with refined products.

Based in Vilnius, we supply all Baltic countries

Our factory is located in the heart of Poland. We are happy to establish cooperation with local suppliers of raw materials, thanks to which we can be sure of their highest quality. Our factory, as one of the few in the country, produces continuously - throughout the year, and the modern production line allows us to maintain high efficiency even in winter. We constantly make sure that our products are available all year round throughout the Baltic region.