Collection: Collection MILD

Konekt Mild is a line of fence elements,
which perfectly matches the current trends of the construction market. Konekt Mild fence blocks feature subtle color combinations that create lightweight yet sophisticated fence supports. Konekt Mild fence blocks also offer a wide selection of layout options, allowing you to build a fence and small garden architectural elements. Regardless of the purpose, the building will be characterized by aesthetics and proper presentation, as well as durability and precision of execution - this is already a recognizable feature of Konekt fences.

Elements of the Konekt Mild fence system

  • Fence post cover

    Tag: DPC-B


    Dimensions (mm): 500/200/50

  • Wall/pillar block

    Brand: PC-B


    Dimensions (mm): 500/200/200


Konekt Mild fence system color range

  • Lux is a subtle light gray color combination that creates a light melange background on the surface of the element. It has a universal expression that allows you to match the LUX color to most house and garden facades.

  • Nox, above all, stands for strong and decisive colors, which make the fence above all precise and eye-catching, which is an inseparable feature of our fences.