Fence Konekt

We are the only representatives in the Baltic countries and present to you the company Konekt, which is a Polish manufacturer of chimneys and fence systems. Already 20 years ago, we took our first steps in the construction industry, but we did not expect that in just a few years we would turn from a small, local company into a company with an ultra-modern factory in Poland, the only one with such potential and technological momentum. We focus on efficient production and sustainability. This allows us to independently manufacture chimney and ventilation bricks and our new product - Konekt fence systems.

We invite you to cooperate:

We are constantly improving our products based on industry feedback.

For contractors

In our company, we have always valued cooperation and successful relationships. We know very well how important it is to get the best quality products at the best price. We are constantly improving our products and receiving feedback from industry representatives. Contractors are a special group of professionals who, thanks to both direct relations with customers and contact with many goods, can provide accurate opinions that we analyze and implement. All due to constant work with the product.

- Relationship-based collaboration
- Special product discount systems
- Program for contractors


Architecture is about maintaining three principles: durability, ease of use and beauty.

For architects

As Vitruvius said, architecture is the maintenance of three principles: durability, utility and beauty. We at Konekt know this very well from the first time we worked with the product. Konekt fences combine features that intertwine to create strong, durable and impressive fence systems.

- Graphic materials adapted to the specifics of working with the product
- Interesting design and amazing color combinations
- The fence elements are designed according to the trends and requirements of the modern customer


We have a product that will benefit your investment.

For developers

We are always very happy with every investment we make. But these big impressive activities have a special place in our memory. Konekt fences are a product that will fit perfectly in the well-organized space of large and prestigious development investments.

- A modernist product, worth the investment
- Attractive price offer
- Consultations and assistance in the space design stage


Frequently asked questions

Can I count on the help of a consultant when creating a fence project for a client?

The short answer is: Of course! Each of our distributors who are developing a project for customers who want to take advantage of the Konekt offer can count on our support. Konekt's well-trained and competent technical and commercial consultants offer support and advice.

How to start cooperation with Konekt?

We are constantly expanding the network of distributors and invite everyone who is interested in our product to cooperate with us. We believe that mutual relations and a partnership approach to the topic of cooperation is the key to success. To cooperate with Konekt in the distribution of our products, send an e-mail to email to: tvarokonekt@gmail.com - enter the word "Cooperation" in the title of the message, and a few words about the company and its location in the content. We will be happy to contact anyone who wants to cooperate with us.

How is security ensured during transportation?

We pay great attention to the protection of our products. We understand how important it is to deliver them not only on time, but also in perfect condition. Konekt fence systems are placed on specially designed pallets. Each level of the elements of the fence system is fixed with a corresponding spacer, which prevents bruises. Each element of the Konekt Fencing System is fixed with spacers that prevent the elements of the system from rubbing against each other. As a result, we can be sure that every order leaving the Konekt warehouse reaches our customer in perfect condition.

How are orders delivered?

There are two types of delivery for our orders. Due to the different quantities of goods ordered, we give our business partners the opportunity to deliver them with our transport, which will deliver the order to the address specified at the time of its submission, even within two working days. The second possible form of delivery is TIR delivery. TIR delivery is intended for much larger orders that exceed the logistical capabilities of couriers. TIR delivery time is usually about 3 working days.

How high a fence to choose?

The height of the fence is an individual matter, but it is worth adapting it to the surrounding elements of the property. When our plot is quite small and the fence is close to the house, a good choice will be to keep the height of the fence around 150cm. For this reason, we will not burden the environment with excessive construction. If, however, the fence is adapted to a larger plot, it should be larger and more developed - the ideal size is 165/170cm. In this way, we will maintain complete harmony and cohesion between the barrels and the fence.

Is it possible to build a fence with sudden changes in temperature?

Fence elements can be installed in varying temperature conditions using the appropriate steps to bond the concrete. Proper maintenance of concrete is also essential to minimize the effects of weathering. First of all, it is necessary to choose the composition of the concrete mix properly, to ensure the proper temperature of transportation and concrete preparation, that is, not lower than 5 degrees Celsius. Keep the concrete warm in the fence elements by using insulating materials such as foil or cotton wool. You can also heat the concrete that is in the walls. Correctly selected concrete care determines whether it will adhere well and the fence will be durable.

Do I need a permit to build a fence?

Before deciding to build a fence, it is worth analyzing how high it should be and whether the area around its location does not require special treatment. Currently, the Construction Act does not require a permit to build a fence. However, in some cases it is necessary to notify the desire to build, especially when we want our fence to be higher than 2.2 m or there will be roads, squares, streets, railway tracks or other public places.

What does the fence consist of?

Konekt fence elements are: PC-R post/partial brick, SK-R post brick, PP-R foundation brick, DPC-R post/partial roof, DSK-R post roof.

Do I need to use sealing glue?

Sealing glue provides comfort when building a fence. When the walls are poured with concrete, they do not move relative to each other. In addition, the adhesive prevents the concrete from leaking behind the walls and stains, and also prevents water from entering the structure. In order to enjoy an aesthetic and durable fence for a long time, we recommend using sealing glue.

How to prevent calcium spillage?

In order to effectively maintain the good visual and technical condition of the fence, it is necessary to use appropriate masonry mortars that ensure tightness between the walls. The proposed solution is a sealing adhesive that maintains the impermeability of the structure. It is also worth using waterproofing to prevent water from entering the walls. Before starting construction, all unpacked materials must be protected from moisture. Any contact with water increases the risk of blooming. However, if we could not avoid them and want to get rid of them, use a soft brush. Flower cleaning chemicals can change the color.